Friday, 14 April 2017

Galactic Archaeology - evidence of an ancient universe written in the stars

YECs are well aware that the evidence from the natural world overwhelmingly attests to an ancient universe, which is why they invest considerable effort in an attempt to explain away this data to preserve their hyperliteral reading of the creation narratives. Of course, this means advancing patently nonsensical ideas such as accelerated rates of radioactive decay and the creation of light in transit for objects more than 6000 light years away from the Earth. The former assertion is readily falsified when we realise that accelerated rates of radioactive decay would release enough heat to melt the crust of the earth, while the latter means what we see of the universe more than 6000 light years away is essentially a universe-sized special effect which may not have even happened. As Charles Kingsley put it when commenting negatively on Philip Gosse's book Omphalos in which he advanced creation with appearance of age as a means of explaining the evidence for an ancient natural history, "I cannot...believe that God has written on the rocks one enormous and superfluous lie for all mankind."

Sunday, 9 April 2017

More musings on monogenism (or why the human population was never as small as two people)

If every single human alive was exclusively descended from two people who lived around 6000 years ago, we would not expect the data from population genetics to show that the human population was never smaller than a few thousand individuals. Nor would we expect to see coalescent times for human genes in the hundreds of thousands of years. This is however exactly what we see, and it completely falsifies the anti-evolutionist position that the entire human race descended from six individuals approximately 4500 years ago and propagated away from Mt Ararat. What we see continues to show an African origin for the human race. As always, the problem here is simply one of choosing from an avalanche of papers that show this fact.