Friday, 28 March 2014

Intelligent Design and Common Ancestry: Dennis Venema schools Casey Luskin

Evangelical Christian and geneticist Dennis Venema's 2010 paper outlining the evidence for common descent and against universal human descent from two people has caught the attention of the evolution denialists at the Discovery Institute. One can hardly blame them for trying to take on Venema's review paper as it is one of the best summaries of the evidence for common descent and against the untenable idea that every human being descends exclusively from two people living 6000-10000 years ago. Unfortunately, they have sent a lawyer, Casey Luskin, to try to take down the arguments. Bad move. Luskin, as I have shown before, fares poorly when trying to attack evolution. Dennis Venema has begun a takedown of Luskin's attempt to rebut the paper at BioLogos which you can find here. As Venema continues his destruction of Luskin's argument, I will add the links to this post.