Saturday, 21 June 2014

More Reasons for Belief

The book More Reasons is now available from Lulu. Edited by Dr Thomas Gaston, a Christadelphian with a professional interest in early Christian theology, it serves as a companion to the earlier book Reasons. Via the publisher's blurb:
In many respects the case for faith has never been stronger. The discoveries of modern physics have provided strong indication that there is an intelligence behind the universe. A renaissance in Christian philosophy has provided robust and respected defences against traditional challenges to theism. Scholars find they can no longer justify the hasty dismissal of the biblical text as either legendary or outdated. And yet despite these positive changes, religious believers find their sincere convictions dismissed as ill-founded and irrational. In this book, a number of authors bring together their various expertise and experience to continue laying out reasons for believing in God, Jesus and the Bible. Arguments are drawn from areas such as the fact of human rationality and religious experience, the divine character of the Bible, and intelligent design. These arguments provide additional support for faith in the modern world.
Definitely looks interesting. The book website is here.