Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Troubles in Paradise - an excellent resource debunking special creation

Historian and defender of mainstream science James Downard maintains what is without doubt one of the best resources debunking the pseudoscience of special creationism. Downard's Troubles in Paradise website exhaustively covers over 6000 works by evolution denialists, and by drawing on around 21,000 sources from mainstream science, demonstrates how and why the evolution denialist claims are nonsense.

One thing that Downard points out is how narrow and intellectually inbred special creationism really is:
Unlike the broad scientific community (where over 38,000 scientists have authored the science work drawn on by TIP) the antievolutionist community represents only around 2500 primary enthusiasts, a topheavy arrangement relying in turn on an amazingly small core of ill-informed activists: half of all antievolution works are generated by only 70 people. 
Although many antievolutionists have scientific training, the TIP Project reveals how little their areas of expertise intersect the factual data set. Under 100 antievolutionary scientists do work directly relating to relevant fields in biology and none have contributed notably to those disciplines (the most glaring example being the total absence of working paleontologists, a field critical to understanding evolution as it has played out in Deep Time). 
An even worse tale is told when it comes to how little of the available science literature actually gets discussed by antievolutionists: 95% of antievolutionists don't cite technical literature at all, and the 5% who do miss 95% of the relevant data.
This is one of many reasons why special creationism is not taken seriously by the scientific mainstream. Downard's website is here.