Saturday, 10 October 2015

The fact of evolution as confirmed by genetics and genomics

As I point out on a regular basis, the evidence for human-ape common ancestry is overwhelming. The evidence in a nutshell comes from shared genetic errors - genetic plagiarism - which make perfect sense when you realise that a genetic error in two more species at the same place in their genomes is evidence for this error occurring in an ancestral species. Special creation has absolutely no answer for this, and it is telling that this fact is either ignored, or hand-waved away with risible explanations such as God cursing humans and apes in the same way after the fall. While the evidence for common descent was already overwhelming well before the genomics revolution began, the genomics data has underlined this fact emphatically.

To be honest, this blog has more than enough information to convince the intellectually honest, open-minded reader of the fact of evolution, so further material would appear to be redundant, but I have found that some respond better to video presentations. Computational geneticist Stephen Schaffner spoke at the recent Genesis Recast conference, outlining the genetic evidence for human evolution. 

Unlike the poorly informed Christadelphian evolution denialists who are still desperately trying to convince themselves and others that evolution is false, Schaffner is an experienced, well-qualified biologist whose background and research well place him to comment authoritatively on this subject. For those who are searching for information on this, Schaffner's presentation is definitely worth the time.

HT: BioLogos