Saturday, 7 November 2015

Science Meets Religion - another excellent resource for the Christadelphian

As I have pointed out repeatedly, the Christadelphian seeking reliable, authoritative, credible information on evolution and the age of the Earth must look outside our community (apart from websites such as this and others) given the depth to which YEC has compromised our community. There is no such thing as too much information, so I am delighted to provide a link to computational mathematician David Bailey's 26 point list "Evolution, Creationism, and Intelligent Design." His list covers subjects from scientific epistemology to geology to biology, is impeccably referenced, and in contrast to the  belligerent, intolerant nature of most YEC websites maintains an irenic tone. Definitely another to add to the list of must-read resources for the intellectually honest Christadelphian seeking the truth on evolution and creation.

Bailey's 26 points are listed below, with the full articles at the links:
  1. How old is the earth? How old are the geologic ages? How are these dates determined? Ages
  2. Does the notion of irreducible complexity pose significant challenges to evolution? Complexity
  3. What has been the outcome of court cases testing creationism and intelligent design? Court cases
  4. Have creationist writers uncovered significant technical issues for geology and evolution? Creationism
  5. What is the evidence for or against the notion that species (including humans) have been individually designed? Design
  6. What do modern DNA studies tell us about evolution? DNA
  7. Can an evolutionary program generate English text? English text
  8. Are there analogues of biological evolution in other fields? Evolution-analogues
  9. Does evolution exhibit progress or purpose? Evolution-progress
  10. Is evolution falsifiable? Falsifiable
  11. Do gaps in the fossil record present serious difficulties for the theory of evolution? Fossils
  12. Does information theory refute evolution? Information theory
  13. Have intelligent design writers uncovered significant technical issues for geology and evolution? Intelligent design
  14. Can evolution generate truly novel biological features? Novelty
  15. Do scientists understand the origin of life? Origin
  16. Are there missing links in the fossil record between ancient primates and modern humans? Prehuman fossils
  17. Does probability refute evolution? Probability
  18. How reliable is radiocarbon dating? Radiocarbon dating
  19. How does radiometric dating work? Radiometric dating
  20. How reliable are geologic dates? Reliability
  21. Don't many scientists question evolution? Scientists-evolution
  22. Has speciation (the splitting of one species into two) ever been observed in nature? Speciation
  23. Isn't evolution just a "theory"? Theory
  24. Creationists argue that evolution violates the second law of thermodynamics. How do scientists respond? Thermodynamics
  25. How can we study geology and evolution without a "time machine"? Time machine
  26. Are evolution and old-earth geology built on a "uniformitarian" assumption? Uniformitarian