Thursday, 4 May 2017

2017 BioLogos Conference Plenary Session Videos

When I shared notes from Heather Goodman's live blogging of the 2017 BioLogos Christ and Creation conference in Houston, Texas, I expressed my hope that a record of the conference would shortly be available. Thankfully, BioLogos have made available the plenary sessions so those unable to attend will be able to see leading scientists and Biblical scholars show how to understand Christianity in the light of the fact of evolution.

Given the regrettable hold YEC, fundamentalism, and a deep-seated hostility towards science have on our community, informed scholarly discussion on this subject is difficult at best to find, which is what makes this material so valuable for us. I trust that this material will find a receptive audience among those looking for answers but who to date have not had their questions acknowledged, let alone addressed.

N.T. Wright: Christ & Creation: Exploring the Paradox

Elaine Howard Ecklund: A Sociologist Looks at Christianity and Science

BioLogos Staff Panel Discussion

Deborah Haarsma: Christ and the Cosmos

April Maskiewicz: Nosing Around the Genome

James Stump: Does the Center Hold? Evolution and Christian Orthodoxy

Dennis Venema: Adam, Eve, and Population Genetics

Scot McKnight: How Genetic Science Made Me Rethink Genesis 1-3

Tremper Longman: Reflections by an OT Scholar

Loren Haarsma: When Did Sin Begin?

Andy Crouch: The Good News About Science, Scientists, and Everything Else (Audio)

Harvey Clemons, Jr.: Science and the Living God