Friday, 12 January 2018

More creationist dishonesty - Facebook page "Here is the evolution" highlights deliberate creationist misrepresentation

Special creationist dishonesty is so common that it scarcely rates a mention anymore, but sometimes you see an example which warrants attention if only to remind people of why special creationist organisations, both amateur and professional are held in contempt. Last year, I mentioned Where is the evolution?, a Facebook page that resorts to highly misleading comparisons of extinct and extant animals to justify its assertion that evolution has never happened, and a counter-page Here is the evolution which systematically dismantles misleading memes with evidence. Late last year, Where is the evolution? (WITE hereafter) resorted to doctoring a meme from Here is the evolution (likewise, HITE hereafter). In terms of blatant dishonesty, it is the pictorial analog of quote mining.

In November 2017, HITE posted a meme on turtle evolution utilising the latest phylogenomic analysis of turtles. Here's the meme outlining the details of turtle evolution:

Late December 2017, WITE posted this meme. It looks strangely familiar...

It's the HITE meme, except that the proto-turtles at the base of the evolutionary tree were deliberately omitted by WITE, a point that HITE was quick to point out:

There's nothing more to add other than to point out that this sort of blatant dishonesty and lying merely confirms the perception among non-believers that special creationists are pathologically dishonest. The tragedy of course is when the Christian message becomes collateral damage in this orgy of creationist lying.