Tuesday, 10 September 2013

From the Dust - Conversations in Creation

Fundamentalists and the New Atheists are mirror images of each other in how they see the science-Bible debate. The former reject science because a literal reading of the creation narratives conflicts with it, while the latter reject Christianity because they know that reality contradicts a literal reading of Genesis which they think is the only possible way to read the Bible. Both sides are wrong in that they privilege a literal reading of the narratives above all others without ever justifying this hermeneutical option.

Films such as "From the Dust - Conversations in Creation" are useful if only to disabuse fundamentalists of the theistic and non-theistic variety of this belief. From the promotional page for the film:

The question of where we come from is a mystery man has explored throughout human history. Highway Media has partnered with The BioLogos Forum and director Ryan Pettey to create a documentary that seeks to reopen the dialogue between science and faith. With fresh insight from some of the great theological minds of our day, and a candid examination of the Biblical creation narrative, From the Dust creates an unflinching context in which to view this classic debate.
You can get the documentary here.