Sunday, 13 April 2014

Karl Giberson: Geocentrism is what real Biblical literalism looks like

Actually, this is what real Biblical literalism looks like:

Geocentrism, as Robert Schadewald said is merely the moderate wing of Biblical literalism, with YEC and the above-illustrated models being the liberal and conservative wings, respectively. Physicist and Christian Karl Giberson, in commenting on The Principle, a pseudoscientific film by geocentrist Robert Sungenis makes the point that Sungenis and the geocentrists are far more consistent in their literalism than Ken Ham and the YECs.
Giberson notes that:
...Sungenis’s eccentric project has something important to teach us. Geocentrism 101, like the Young Earth Creationism of Ken Ham, Eric Hovind, Al Mohler and so many other evangelicals, is based on the assumption of biblical literalism—except that Sungenis is prepared to go all the way in his commitment to the scientific inerrancy of the Bible. Ham, Mohler and other creationists have found clever ways to escape the geocentric and even flat-earth implications of their biblical literalism. If Ham were truly a biblical literalist he would be endorsing The Principle. Instead we can anticipate him explaining over the next few months why the geocentric verses in the Bible fall outside his commitment to literalism.
Of course, Sungenis and Ham are still compromising on their adherence to literalism, as if they took the Bible completely literally in its cosmology, then they would believe in a flat Earth covered with a solid firmament in which the stars are set, separating waters above from waters below. They don't, which is one powerful reason why their literalism is just so much cherry picking. 
One hundred years ago, second editor of The Christadelphian CC Walker rebutted the arguments of a Christadelphian who thought the concept of a spherical earth was unbiblical and heretical, and based his arguments on a literal reading of the Bible. The Christadelphian flat earthed was hopelessly wrong, but unlike the YECs in our community was far more honest in how he understood Biblical cosmology. Of course, Genesis 1 provides us with no scientific information about how and when the universe was created. Genesis 1 is ancient cosmology, not modern science. It is a lesson that our community cannot learn quickly enough.