Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Free online college level course on evolution

One thing which strikes any informed observer who looks at Christadelphian attacks on evolution (ditto for other special creationists irrespective of their faith tradition) is that almost all of them betray monumental ignorance of the subject they attack. There is no excuse for this given the amount of quality information available on the subject, such as this free online college level course offered by evolutionary biologist Mohamed Nour of Duke University.

Although it is an entry level course, as the syllabus shows, it covers a wide range of material, more than enough for the person successfully completing it to be able to appreciate the depth of ignorance in the usual attacks on evolution:
  • Evidence for evolution
  • Introduction to basic genetics
  • Recombination and genetic mapping simple traits
  • Complications to genetic mapping
  • Genes vs. environment
  • Basic population genetics and Hardy-Weinberg
  • Gene flow, differentiation, inbreeding
  • Natural selection and genetic drift
  • Molecular evolution
  • Adaptive behaviors and sexual selection
  • Species formation and phylogenetics
  • Evolutionary applications and misapplications