Friday, 1 August 2014

Peter Enns' comments from Evangelical Theological Society discussion on inerrancy

OT scholar Peter Enns is one of the contributing authors of the recently published book Five Views on Biblical Inerrancy. Last November, he was part of a panel discussing the book at an Evangelical Theological Society meeting. He's just posted the comments he made at the panel at his blog. The following comment should give you a feel for where he is at:
As I see it, inerrancy prescribes the boundaries of biblical interpretation in ways that creates conflict both inner-canonically and with respect to extra-biblical information. This is why “holding on to inerrancy” (as it is often put) seems to be such a high-maintenance activity, requiring vigilant and constant tending.
This dynamic suggests to me not only that the term may not be an apt descriptor of Scripture, but it virtually guarantees continued unrest within evangelicalism whenever alternate voices are raised. (Emphasis in the original)
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