Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Christadelphians Learning from Science

Yet another Christadelphian Facebook page dedicated to a rational approach to science has emerged, Christadelphians Learning From Science. It's excellent news for those wanting to discuss the interface between science and faith without the usual rancour and failure to properly engage the scientific issues. Certainly, the page appears to be taking an intelligent approach to the subject:
This page is has been created for three reasons. Firstly, to promote the faith-affirming excitement that comes with understanding science and what it helps us to discover about the natural world. 
Secondly, it is intended to try and counter some of the fear mongering about Science in our community by explaining how science works, and how it is based on reliable practices and methods. 
And thirdly, it will hopefully provide a safe environment for our youth who are earnestly seeking answers to some very vexing questions. 
Guest posts and contributions are welcomed, so please feel free to offer any uplifting and profitable insights.
Definitely welcome news.