Monday, 26 January 2015

In Darwin's Own Words: Creationist Quote-Mining Exposed

One staple of special creationist attacks is the venerable tactic of quote mining, where an author is selectively quoted to make him appear to support a view he does not hold. Special creationists who peddle such quotes are either deliberately distorting what mainstream scientists have written, which is ethically and morally dishonest, as well as intellectually dishonest, or are blindly copying from another source. In that case, while the charge of moral dishonesty may not stand, it does reflect poorly on their research skills in that they did not bother to verify the reference. Either way, whenever you catch out a special creationist quote mining, you are more than entitled to dismiss anything they have to say on the subject.

This slide presentation on quote mining has been around for some time, but given that special creationist quote mining - a phenomenon that sadly includes our community - is rife, it deserves as wide an audience as possible.