Monday, 6 July 2015

"By their fruits ye shall know them" - YEC extremists in their own words

Over the many years I've been following Christadelphian anti-evolutionists, I've noticed that poor scholarship, misrepresentation of evolutionary creationist views in our community, uncritical reliance on pseudoscientific resources, quote mining, and logical fallacies are their stock in trade. To their credit, gratuitously offensive, belligerent, abusive, and hostile behaviour was quite uncommon. This has changed recently, with the emergence of militantly ignorant YEC echo chambers that seem to make inculcation of such behaviour the norm rather than the exception. In the last few days, some of those responsible for the most extreme rhetoric have drifted over to the always excellent (and incredibly patient) Science and Scripture page, and have made a very strong case that militant YEC is anything but conducive towards Christian behaviour.

In the last few days, a thought-provoking post that highlights the incoherence of the YEC view that claims Cain married his sister has attracted some comments from militant anti-intellectual special creationists which are characterised by contempt, aggression, hostility, condescension and abuse:
Paul Riggio What a load of your Bible meditatively rather than discuss it with such a blaspheming, unbelieving and mis-understsnding mind. The post is a twist and a lie.
Paul Riggio I believe what God plainly says. Don't give a rush that others plainly don't.
Mr.SS and Co are deceivers. I look forward to the day when their blasphemous mouths are shut forever. 
Meditation on the word grows our faith....not dissection of it. Dissection is not exposition or exhortation but rather, more often, a clinical castration of truth.
Paul Riggio Dear Mr. Science and Scripture.... Pull your head in son. Get yourself dealt with. The whole tenor of your way of engagement is quite alarming. You twist scripture incessantly and have a false perception of your own importance.
Paul Riggio Was not aware it was your question Mr. SS. And I did answer it. But maybe not to the satisfaction of an errant unbeliever. 
Get help whilst there is still time.
Susan Waite Blanchfield Heres the thing, you all are not Christadelphians. Christadelphians may be far off of the truth of origins, but you all are not of us. If you are right, so be it. But you are not one of us. Please, for you and us, take the easy route and remove yourselves. It couldn't be plainer that there is no communion between light and darkness.
Paul Riggio Mr.SS why don't you give up on your high minded prattle about incest. It is not the issue of Genesis. There were not other people living before Adam and Eve.

Please desist from rattling on about it.

If you don't like what Christadelphians have always believed then resign.
You have become a wolf in the sheepfold ....

I know I can't stop you but one day you will be called before the judge and your crimes will be made manifest.
That such behaviour is anything but productive from the point of view of showing our community in its best light can be seen by how such extremists are seen from those outside of the toxic fundamentalist echo chamber:
Peter Gulliford Brake Well Susan, it is clear you have a ticket on yourself, presuming you consider yourself to be the 'light'. I was a Christo for 40 years and only responding with healthy scepticism to a post that appeared on my news feed. I am most happy to 'remove myself' so as not to taint your light with my darkness. It is attitudes like yours that helped us to leave your 'truth' in the first place. No going after the lost sheep, just wash your hands and quickly close the doors so you can keep up appearances that you are doing what Jesus would.
Joanna Bradley People usually flail around when in an uncomfortable corner...
He knows he's right because he feels it must be so.
Emotional thinking... Emotional reactions, illogical words. 
Bad witness for God.
Emily Brake Does that mean you are a Christadelphian, your message is unclear. I used to be, but the limited acceptance of love made me leave. :)
Defending our faith in a post-Christian world is difficult without having to content with the self-righteous, toxic ignorance as seen in the posts from the militant anti-evolutionists above. Their attitude clearly shows a link between the shrill intolerance too often seen with YECs and the loss to our community both of former members who are driven out by that sanctimonious attitude, and potential members who regard that combination of wilful ignorance and intolerance toxic at best.

The most offensive? This post, which receptions a famous photograph so as to  directly compare evolutionary creationism with Nazi Germany. The Godwin alone is enough to destroy the credibility of the person posting it, let alone the odious nature of the comparison.

The tragedy is that these militant extremists are not only bringing incredible disrepute upon the name of Christ with their juvenile, abusive, sub-Christian behaviour, but are completely without insight into what they are doing, as shown by such comments which directly apply to them, rather than those that they accuse.
Paul Riggio David and Jonathon and Ken you have become laughing stock. Step back, consider your ways and repent.
By their fruits ye shall know them. Indeed.