Tuesday, 7 July 2015

How to make the Bible compatible with special creationism - 1

Special creationists constantly assert that they read Genesis 1 plainly and literally. That is false, given the fact that they are forced to create elaborate harmonisations to reconcile a literal reading of Genesis 1 with Genesis 2 given that both flat-out contradict each other on the length, order, and duration of creation events. If the two creation narratives were meant to be read literally, no harmonisation would be needed. Add to that the fact Genesis 1 when read plainly and literally teaches the existence of a solid firmament separating waters above from waters below, and the special creationist claim that they read Genesis 1 literally is one that rings hollow.

Truth be told, special creationists unconsciously alter the plain meaning of the text in order to make it harmonise with astronomical facts that not even YECs can deny. The following, courtesy of Science and Scripture ably demonstrates why no one, not even YECs really read Genesis 1 in a plain, literal manner.