Thursday, 10 October 2013

Updates to evolution resources at this blog

The Evolution Overview page on this blog has been updated to include Dennis Venema's latest posts on assembling vertebrate body plans. In addition, the BioLogos articles on human evolution by the biological anthropologist and Evangelical Christian James Kidder have been added. Christadelphian ignorance of human evolution is phenomenal, with most still thinking that the fossil evidence consists of a few fragments of bone. This is anything but true:

Opponents of scientific biology are fond of dismissing that record as a pathetic handful of controversial fragments. If that were so, this book would be a lot shorter. An often-repeated creationist canard insists that all known human fossils would fit on a billiard table. This was probably true in the late 19th century but it has not been true for a hundred years. Known human fossils number in the thousands and represent the remains of hundreds of individuals. They are more numerous and better-studied than the fossils of any comparable vertebrate group, because the intense interest that people have in the bones of their ancestors has driven them to devote far more effort to collecting and studying fossil humans than (say) fossil horses or herring. Having seen most of the major collections of human fossils in the world’s museums, we can assure our readers that those collections can no longer be laid out on a billiard table. It would be hard to cram them all into a boxcar. - Cartmill, M, Smith, F.H.  The Human Lineage  (2011: Wiley)
If we peddle lies about evolution, then we have only ourselves to blame when we are dismissed as fools and idiots by our disillusioned young people, let alone the interested friends who point and jeer when they discover that our community is riddled with people who think that Noah brought dinosaurs on the ark. I trust that information such as this will help dispel ignorance and pseudoscience in our community.