Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Christadelphian - Origins Discussion. A new Facebook group for the discussion of how evolution affects theology

I've recently noticed the appearance of a new Facebook group dedicated to discussing how evolution affects Christadelphian theology: Christadelphian - Origins Discussion. From the About page:
A Christadelphian discussion on origins looking at Theistic evolution/Evolutionary Creation and doctrinal implications  
A place for civil discussion by Christadelphians about our understanding of Genesis 1 and God's creative work. This will include consideration of the doctrinal implications as well as science. Why? Because I think as a community we need to accommodate a range of opinions while being true to God's Word so we don't cause others to stumble.
This is excellent news. Attacks on those who either accept the fact of evolution, or are prepared to accommodate those who do are the last thing our community needs. Anything that lifts the profile of rational debate on this subject in our community is welcome news.