Sunday, 12 October 2014

BioLogos Pastor Resource Center - also good for laypeople too.

If there is one resource on evolution that every Christadelphian needs to bookmark and study, it is the incomparable BioLogos. Founded by medical geneticist and former Human Genome Project head Francis Collins, it is a rare combination of skills from world-class life and earth scientists and biblical scholars, ensuring that the question of how to understand Genesis in the light of the fact of evolution is informed from both angles, and contains material that sadly simply cannot be found in our community, outside of resources such as this website.

Recently, they've created a Pastor Resource Center, where questions such as:
  • “How does my walk with God relate to modern scientific discoveries?”
  • “Can I maintain biblical Christian faith even if I change my mind on an issue like evolution?”
  • “Is it possible that there are more appropriate ways to interpret Genesis 1 and 2?”
are answered concisely and authoritatively. Subjects include:

Who is BioLogos
The Bible
Science and the Bible
Scientific Evidence
The State of the Dialog
The Church Taking Action

You can find it here.