Sunday, 12 October 2014

Why evolution is a fact - the power of multiple converging lines of evidence

One of the reasons why common descent is accepted as a fact by the vast majority of competent, qualified scientists is that multiple independent lines of evidence from different fields converge on the same fact: life shares a common ancestor and diversified via descent with modification. For those with a quarter of an hours to spend, an open mind, and the intellectual honesty to change their preconceptions when the evidence demands, the following is well worth watching:

C.C. Walker had the integrity and wisdom to recognise that if one could demonstrate that ancient, morphologically different forms of life were indeed the ancestors of current life forms, then we would need to alter our understanding of Genesis. This has been demonstrated beyond all doubt. Now is the time for us to recognise the need to change our understanding of the creation narratives in the light of the clear witness of the natural world.